Ekphrastic Poem by Brendan Lopez

Brendan Lopez
The sky is falling.
Falling all around me and I have no idea what to do.
The clouds don’t want to hold in the rain.
They seem bent on ruining me.
And spreading misery to those I touch.
Because when I get close to people, the sky falls down around them too.
This unfortunate business has me pushing everyone away.
For their own sake, of course.
And of course I’m always the villain to them.
Whether or not I’m vilified is of no consequence to me.
I don’t want them to understand, either.
An existential fog drapes over me like a wet blanket.
Numbing me down to the core.
And everything I write will be sad.
Doomed to repetitive melancholia.
As the sky hopelessly falls around me.
Leaving me choking for a breath of fresh air.
Which may never come.
Angry light blinds me, and booms through my body.
Making the emptiness seem hollower.
And all I want to do is scream.


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