Stick Figure Iron~Giraffe by Katharina Maria Becker


Stick Figure Iron~Giraffe

Lost in time yet forged in place rendered in childlike proportions you seem/displaced and look forlorn reduced to basic lines.

Katharina Maria Becker

The breath of time covered you with a layer of rust

at times sparkling in the rays of the sun/
your triangular head on the iron rod it’s eyes

gazing aimlessly at the concrete pillar supporting the portal. I see ~ you proudly
display and armor your chest

with an iron clock-face dial plate
emphasizing the ten minute call or the two hour interval.

A singular wooden chair under the portal

inviting the lonely straggler to sit in your company beckoning with the luxury of
getting lost in time ten minutes you hope, maybe two hours.
No need for watch hands
I know you have long stopped going places

waiting is your lot in life
your two hind legs are a solid pillar.
Stick Figure Iron-Giraffe where is the agility and grace you so easily display in nature?

Stick Figure Iron-Giraffe
my childlike imagination can see you graze eloquently Setting you free in luscious
fields of daring adventures.


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