Haibun by Angelee Deodhar

Childhood memories : collecting beads baubles stones leaves to be pressed in books has lasted me into adulthood, rather dotage. Shopping for table linen I come upon bins of polished stones ,white, beige, brown, obsidian and blue. I ask if I might just hold the blue ones for a moment and the shopkeeper seeing the longing on my face tells me to take  some for free.I choose four which capture an ethereal light and hold them close all the way home.
Sea World
the dolphin’s smile wider
than the spectators’

1 thought on “Haibun by Angelee Deodhar

  1. Dear Angelee,

    I really enjoyed reading your haibun today. Congratulations on your publication! You are a wonderful writer with a creative way to view the world.

    Best wishes,

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