Today’s Poem Comes with an Invitation

Permission Slips by Miriam Sagan

How many elements?
Compose a still life.

Who filled this bowl with sand?
Touch low tide.

Do objects or feelings have anti-gravity?
Shake the dice.

Can doubles exist together?
Pretend to take a sip.

How many seeds in the pomegranate?
Descend immediately.

Is a suitcase a diorama?
Open the book.

Is the blue pyramid water?
Stack things up.

Does THIS stand for THAT?
Draw closer.

Is the souvenir the honeymoon?
Pick your favorite.

Who spilled the wine?
Surprise yourself now.

Is the fear at the center or edges?
Prepare to exit.

What doesn’t fit?
Add something.

How close do you need to be?
Both show and tell.

How are you not random?
Rattle something.

Which one is real?
Draw a line in the sand.

What starts with the letter A?
Express your happiness.

Where is it red?
Count the grains.

Is it edible?
Listen for synesthesia.

Does God play dice?
Shake more than two dice.

Does the astrolabe tell fortunes?
Use Occam’s Razor.

Was it an idea that shattered?
Re-arrange your shards.






CLAY by Suzanne Vilmain
Permission Slips by Miriam Sagan

Cafe Pasqual’s Gallery 

May 1, two thousand fifteen
Friday evening – 5 – 7:30pm

103 E. Water St. Santa Fe, NM
{Next Door to Pasqual’s}
Elevator to the 2nd Floor

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