Looking for the Right Place to Write

IMG_1257 Spring cleaning is a great activity, but it also tends to make me notice the areas of my house that are just too funky or even gross. I actually decided the best way to deal with the disgusting cabinets was to buy a new house—but a bit of house hunting disabused me of this notion and I’m looking at new cabinets instead.
However, I’m currently driven to distraction by feeling I don’t have quite the right place to write. Why? I don’t know. I have a charming 100 square foot studio in the backyard, freshly cleaned. (Too chilly). I have a nice spare bedroom full of sunshine and geraniums. (No desk). I have a spacious office at work. (No window). Confession: I’ve been writing at my friend Kathleen’s house. But that is a very short term solution. Besides, we’ve been sharing our writing and working on a schedule. It’s fantastic, but not ordinary life.
I’ve been at three writing retreats in the past twelve months. I have no reason to complain. But I’m restless. (Spring fever?).
I’m not the only writer with grandiose needs. Over spring break, in Charleston, we visited a beautiful site near the shore called ”Atalaya Castle.”

Wikipedia says: “Atalaya Castle, also known as Atalaya, was the winter home of industrialist and philanthropist Archer M. Huntington and his wife, the sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington, located in Huntington Beach State Park near the Atlantic coast in Murrells Inlet, Georgetown County, South Carolina.
Archer Huntington was a noted scholar of Spanish culture and art, and designed the residence in the Moorish Revival and Mediterranean Revival architecture styles from Spanish Andalusian coast models.”
Basically very spacious, with studios in the wings, so the creative couple didn’t bump into each other much. It is a scenic ruin, now. Well, Moorish architecture with palm trees does ruin well.
Living with a spouse who also works some days a week at home I’m thinking I need a wing. Or a condo.



4 thoughts on “Looking for the Right Place to Write

  1. Ah….I know this one as well Miriam. Now that I’ve finally realized it’s okay to claim my own time and space (and be with someone who supports this) we’ve found a small piece of heaven out in Pecos. My partner is a musician. We each have our own “room”, on either side of the house. When “nowhere” seems to be the right place to write, I simply put the pen down/turn off the computer and the change the environment of my mind (;-)) I’m confident the pen/paper/computer will be anticipating my return.
    And then again, there’s always pie.

  2. I write in my bed. Day or night with a pencil and paper..first draft. Then I go to spare room with books and computer and type it out

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