Can I Count Lunch As Part of the Project?

My daughter Isabel and I were recently evaluating a “failed” project. We’ve done a fair amount of collaboration, and are currently focused on collage—mostly words and suminagashi, which is Japanese marbling. We had some chai and sat in the community college courtyard under the redbuds.
First, we addressed the project’s strengths:
1. The collaboration had gone to a new level.
2. We’d made big strides with our largest technical problem.
And, I wanted to add
3. We had fun because we spent the night at the old hotel in Ojo Caliente and had a great lunch at Gabriel’s on the way there.
“You can’t count that,” Isabel said.
“But we had fun! We got to work at Ojo!”
“You always want to count fun…you give your projects points if you get to stay in a hotel.”
“Of course. I count it a lot.”
“You can’t. It isn’t part of the project.”
I caved. From the start with our collaborations, she is ultimately in charge. She’s younger than me, knows more about art, and I figure we should swap out the old hierarchical pattern. Isabel had the final say. Only two strengths. A full evaluation of the audience, setting, etc. A take away directive for each of us, mostly to be clearer in how we communicate with the outside world.
But I just have to ask—would you count lunch? The guacamole at Gabriel’s is truly excellent.

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