What I Actually Missed: Jimi and the Blue Mosque

Writing about missing out on things, I decided I’d make a list. But there were only two things on it. By “missed” I’m not counting things I was never truly interested in (punk scene) or too crippled to do (mountain climbing) or had no budget for (Japan). I won’t boast about all the peak experiences I have had–quite a few. Rather, things I ALMOST experienced.
The first was seeing Jimi Hendrix collapse on stage at Madison Square Garden at a huge anti-war rally. My mother made us go home around 1 am, and she was driving. We left, Jimi came on stage, collapsed, and died soon after. This is truly my big regret.
The second was going into the Blue Mosque in Akko, called Acre by the Crusaders, in Israel. It was the mid-1970’s, and in retrospect I was very fortune to have been in the Dome of the Rock, and its silver domed neighborhood. But the bus stopped, I got out, it was Friday and the Blue Mosque locked for prayer. Young as I was, I was assaulted by that raw sensation–I’ll never pass this way again.
And I never did.

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