Installation by Fairley Barnes and Call for Haiku Response

This fascinating installation was on SFCC campus, ranging from a studio into the courtyard.



The artist is interested in haiku response. Readers, if you are interested, just post below in comments. I may create a post, too if I get enough.



Here are mine:

In the arroyo
just one

To read the rest:


Look forward to your response.

16 thoughts on “Installation by Fairley Barnes and Call for Haiku Response

  1. I was deeply moved by the exhibits, bringing out emotions I hadn’t expected.

    climbing ivy
    out of the sun
    out of itself

    after Nick Virgilio

    Alan Summers

    dandelion fluff
    I lose count of my time
    on this earth

    Alan Summers

    orange commas
    I remember drawing blood
    for kinship

    Alan Summers

    iron oxide moon-
    ghost ships in a desert
    once upon a sea

    Alan Summers

    mojo verde –
    I tune out the piano
    for the birdsong

    Alan Summers

    stray casuality
    my tears reflected
    as bandages

    Alan Summers

    a viola
    caught up in netting
    you play the street

    Alan Summers

    Khamsin winds
    the piano tunes itself
    in a war conflict

    Alan Summers

    a packet of souls
    the day moon becomes
    a harbinger

    Alan Summers

    stick moon
    we move our bones
    in unison

    Alan Summers

  2. These are such beautiful words and rhythms in response to my work. I feel deeply grateful to you all for your sensitive and generous responses. Thank you all!

    Fairley Barnes

  3. a bundle of sticks
    each twisted
    as if to get away

    Jose Angel Araguz

    clouds hang
    off the branches
    for a while

    Jose Angel Araguz

    dried leaves

    Jose Angel Araguz

    shoe, abandoned
    with a tongue
    marked by miles

    Jose Angel Araguz

    a bundle of rags
    I say it
    for warmth

    Jose Angel Araguz

  4. Miriam,sorry if i am late ,but here are two from India for Fairley’s lovely work
    sage sticks-
    the smudging takes away
    my mascara too
    gauze veils-
    an old bundle of clothes
    someones dreams?


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