Haiku Response to Fairley Barnes

There was such an interesting outpouring of haiku to the installation, I’m giving the work its own post. Thank you all!

torn moments

Sondra Byrnes

Our nests are burdened/
Excess of largess; to bleach/
Then return to dirt

Su Zi


climbing ivy
out of the sun
out of itself

after Nick Virgilio
Alan Summers

dandelion fluff
I lose count of my time
on this earth

orange commas
I remember drawing blood
for kinship

iron oxide moon-
ghost ships in a desert
once upon a sea

mojo verde –
I tune out the piano
for the birdsong

stray casuality
my tears reflected
as bandages

a viola
caught up in netting
you play the street

Khamsin winds
the piano tunes itself
in a war conflict

a packet of souls
the day moon becomes
a harbinger

stick moon
we move our bones
in unison

Alan Summers


pigeons on empty branches –
flowing through the lace curtains
a breath of wind

Ana Drobot


a bundle of sticks
each twisted
as if to get away

clouds hang
off the branches
for a while

dried leaves

shoe, abandoned
with a tongue
marked by miles

a bundle of rags
I say it
for warmth

Jose Angel Araguz


sage sticks-
the smudging takes away
my mascara too
gauze veils-
an old bundle of clothes
someones dreams?

Angelee Deodhar, India


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