A Healing Stitch


Please join Turner Carroll Gallery in celebrating the inspirational women artists from West Bengal, India, on Thursday, July 9th
Opening reception 5-7pm; Comments by founders of the women’s collective in India at 6pm 
Don’t miss the opportunity to see the exquisite embroideries telling the stories of their strength and life journeys
In India, many thousands of women, along with their children, are thrown out of their homes each year or deserted by their families. They are thrown out by in-laws when their husbands have died; deserted by their husbands who have decided to take a new wife; or left destitute because of illness which prevents them from adding their share to the family economy.
With the guidance of a compassionate western woman, devoted to empowering women worldwide, art has become the key to freedom from suffering.  It has become the medicine that heals their personal lives and transforms their villages.  Turner Carroll is proud to show the life stories these admirable female heroes have embroidered.  Using traditional kantha (embroidery on old cloth) they have pieced their lives back together, stitch by stitch.

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