Wind Harp Made From Recycled Material



And a few other things from a little sculpture garden in Salida, Colorado. They’d got some nice new lofts by the river walk. I always want to buy a house there…just a little too far away…



A detail of the sculpture “Matriculation,” by Richard Cabe.

4 thoughts on “Wind Harp Made From Recycled Material

  1. Here’s a strange coincidence: I love Salida and have gone back to visit numerous times; ditto with Morro Bay, CA. When I was doing family history research a few years ago, I discovered that I have connections to both places: A distant cousin’s husband was born in Salida about 100 years ago; and, in the same period, another distant cousin was a stage driver between Atascadero and Morro Bay.

  2. Miriam, How lovely that you were back in Salida! The bottom photo in your series is a detail of the sculpture “Matriculation,” by my late love Richard Cabe. The Terraphilia Artist/Writer Residency Program that gave you the gift of a stay in Salida in 2012 (I think that’s the year you were here) was established in his memory. Blessings!

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