Two New Books–haibun and tanka

From a terrific new book of haibun by Harriot West, INTO THE LIGHT (Mountains & Rivers Press, 2014).


She wouldn’t let me call her momma or mom: mummy was okay but she preferred mother and when I graduated from boarding school she suggested I call her Jean.

not one crease
on the linen tablecloth
bone china


West uses haibun in a highly narrative way. The collection reads like memoir, but memoir based on vivid moments. It’s an innovative use of the form.
To order:

Glass Lyre Press announces the release of “Snow Falling on Snow” by Renée Gregorio!


She is a dear friend and one of my favorite poets. Her tanka writing derives from akido, travel, close observation.

what is true north?
it’s where the garden grows
it’s when the Milky Way
takes its place in the night sky–
it’s the voice inside, speaking

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