Because the Night: a cento in homage to Patti Smith, by Scott Wiggerman

Because the Night
            a cento in homage to Patti Smith,
            using 22 lines from 22 of her poems/lyrics
The air is filled with the moves of you,
as if someone had spread butter on all the fine points of the stars,
the lights like some switched-on Mondrian.
Some strange music draws me in,
and I know soon that the sky will split
with a throat smooth as a lamb.
I felt a rising in my throat.
I could feel my heart (it was melting).
I was a wing in heaven blue.
The sky was open like a valentine,
a silk of souls that whispers to me.
My senses newly opened, I awakened to the cry.
Maybe it’s time to break on through,
for I was undulating in the lewd impostered night
toward a dream that dreams itself.
You are the adrenaline rushing through my veins.
Each way I turn, the sense of you surrounds,
knowing no end to our rendezvous.
No star is too far with you.
Every word that’s spoken, every word decreed,
word of your word, cry of your cry,
all I ever wanted, I wanted from you.

Wiggerman, Scott, “Rebirthing the Words: Crafting a Cento” in Wingbeats: Exercises & Practice in Poetry (Austin, TX: Dos Gatos Press, 2011).

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