Gail Rieke: Collector of Memory

Gail Rieke’s show is up in her home studio, make an appointment and go see it!
It includes unusual diaries–one in a purse, one in a cabinet, and more.
Gail is recently back from Venice. Her visit is “mapped”in an unusual way, with pin points that lead to tags–an interesting method for adding material, almost signage.


For example, a tag connected to a bookstore is backed with this image:


I asked Gail if her work was sequential. She said, yes, mostly. It certainly moves in time, providing a record, a track. The map piece of course is also moving in space. I love the outtake quality of the tags.


This show is a retrospective. I continue to admire Gail Rieke’s work enormously. This show allows me to see how she is using time as an element, ballast even, for creative process.

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