Alana Woods on “Plaza Antiques”

I was feeling tired from a long drive to Las Vegas. As I  parked the car, my attention was directed to an antique store near the hotel.
I stepped through the door and a first it was overwhelming. A plethora of things from the past, all the memories, family, children, grandparents, love, drama,joy. We leave our impression on things we touch.

The store cat was curled up on a children’s chair, giving the impression she was asleep, as cats do, slyly keeping her closed eyes but really omnipresent to everything around them.

I wandered though the rooms, taking in what I could and smelling an oldness tinged with what smelled like talcum powder. I said to the antique dealer “I always wondered how one could make a living selling antiques”.

“Oh, people do buy” he reassured me, fondly holding a silver candle snuffer. “they love to hold onto objects from their past that  bring a warmth of memory, of love”.

This brought my remembrance of stories I had heard of war days in Europe when many children lost their parents, and were sheltered in orphanages, and were given a piece of bread or even a stone to hold at night, which helped them go to sleep.

The antique dealer moved behind a counter and pointed out a bowl of water in which swam a single goldfish. “Oh, I have several cats and they like to jump up here and lap the water in the bowl. And would you believe? The fish swims up to b licked by the cats”.

He moved toward the front window. “…and here is our resident  spider in her webbed castle” There in the corner of the window sat a fat delicate brown spider in a large web.

“I spriz her with water once a week,” he continued,” I give her a little drink”.
“Oh, I said, I didn’t know spiders needed water”‘

“I don’t’ know, but I give her a little drink'”he replied quietly.


Alana Woods, from Albuquerque, NM has just written a Memoir “The Song I Hear -my life with music” ( available in 2). Has spent a life time involved in sound and music from early childhood. She created a pioneer work in Music Medicine (prescriptive sound) inspired by a visit in Greece.  Web


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