Self Hypnosis, Theme Song, and Outfits: Promoting My Novel

I’m so pleased that my novel Black Rainbow is finally out in the world—thanks to Sherman Asher publishing. The launch at Collected Works Bookstore on Friday was great—a wonderful venue and audience. I’ll be reading in Albuquerque (Bookworks 7 pm Wednesday November 4) and Taos (Op Cit, 2 pm, Saturday December 12).
But now comes the slog of promotion. So—how to sell books? I’m using a combo of self-hypnosis, theme song, and co-ordinated outfits, among more conventional means.


1. Self-hypnosis. I have a very creative friend who swears by this as a psych up. I’m not so sure. Last time I used it I told myself “you are an installation artist, you are an installation artist,” and ended up buying a lot of weird stuff at the flea market. But I will try…not “I am a best selling author” which seems ridiculous but maybe “this book sells better than…poetry.”

2. A theme song is important, and I’ve got one. With every passing decade of revision, I listened to “Jersey Girl.” The Springsteen version, even though it is a bit too cleaned up.

3. Co-ordinating outfits. When my book Rag Trade came out, with its Miami Beach circa 1950 tropical cover, I had never been happier. The back of the book was Chinese embroidery. I found a blouse at Chico’s that matched! That blouse never fit over the bust, and the line of buttons was crooked, but I wore it anyway.
For Black Rainbow I have two pairs of tie-dyed leggings bought in Bisbee, Arizona.

Despite all this, I’m also open to more practical suggestions.

If you are a book reviewer, ask me for a review copy. (I’m at msagan1035@aol).

If you are a reader, you will have my ETERNAL GRATITUDE if you post on Amazon.

I’m available for readings, visits to book and writers groups, radio, and tea with your great aunt (although she might not be the novel’s ideal audience.).

Also, for all you published authors out there—any ideas as to what I should be doing? Do you have something you’ve particularly enjoyed doing to promo a book?

Thanks for being there.



Photos of Collected Works reading by Anna Yarrow.

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