Obey: A Poem by Lorenzo Atencio


After “Surrender” by Joanne Dominique Dwyer in Belle Laide

Evil has come to New Mexico
To be exorcised is to be cleansed
In islam the arugya repairs damage caused by black magic.
Some parents don’t buckle their children.
Peace keepers use guns to keep the peace.
Yahweh created the universe with words.
New Mexico abolished the death penalty for capital murder in 2009.
Black smoke smudged the heavens over the penitentiary in 1980.
The penalty for disobeying the state police is death by firing squad.
Annie Oakley could shoot and hit the thin side of a card at 30 paces.
The look of kill is the face of evil.
Mother in van transporting little mischiefs, runs.
Friday night in America is time to de-stress.
A California stop and a “wobbly” right turn are criminal.
Catholic exorcism ceremony is in the Rituale Romanum.
Criminals don’t respect unjust laws.
Robo Cop trained to stop a car with a bullet.
Show and tell is a shotgun.

Evil has come to the United States.
Wolves sit pretty on the Wall
Manifesting destiny of might makes right
Evil is fought with deadly force.
Lessons in the cathedral of security
Everyone is evil
Defend yourself
Shoot first.
Evil has come to New Mexico
A weapon fired 16 times
16 notches on an official gun belt
Exorcist on the Rio Grande is efficient but evil
Fourteen bullets strike the car
One bullet enters the young woman’s back
Tearing muscle and bone and nerve
One bullet designated minor exorcist
Expels evil through a hole in the woman’s head.
For a traffic violation .
The Crown’s exorcist is possessed.

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