On-Line Poetry Class With Miriam Sagan Starts in January

Hi Far Flung Writers–my poetry class, on-line at SFCC (http://www.sfcc.edu/) has a few spots. It’s an intro class: pantoums, haiku, prose to poetry, elegy, love poem, pastoral, sestina…well, that doesn’t sound so introductory, but it is! We’ll do some collaborative forms, word decks, and individual field trips. Class is on Canvas–very easy software. 15 weeks–in your pajamas? A chance to write, share, and get feedback. Very inexpensive! “See” you!

Check out English 222, Intro to Poetry, on-line, Sagan, credit class.

Glad to answer questions.

4 thoughts on “On-Line Poetry Class With Miriam Sagan Starts in January

  1. Glad there are spots in your class! I just registered for your on line class, and hoping that the other 4 WeBeMuses register ASAP too! We got back from great weekend, will send you separate email about it.

    Cheryl Marita Sent from my iPad


  2. Thanks Cheryl–I’d love to have you all but will it be too familiar? It is essentially the beginning class in an on-line version. It will be lively–but same textbooks etc. A few new assignments/approaches though.

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