In Response To the Question About Invisible Borders

Haibun: Parallel lines–By Angelee Deodhar–India

Parallel lines

In eight decades only one Indian film has captured the world’s imagination, a glitzy portrayal of poverty within which lies the poignant side of this country’s dilemma, the unwanted, unwashed, unfed children foraging with vermin for the dregs of a meal. For this the film won eight Oscars.

At the same ceremony, a documentary about an Indian girl, with a congenital deformity also won acclaim when a team of dedicated philanthropists restored her smile. The confused but happy parents are shown cuddling a shy little girl who clings to her mothers’ sari ,wondering why so many cameras are pointed at her. There was a time no one would play with her in her village…today she has new clothes, new friends. The air is thick, with the shouts of the paparazzi.

How will one slum dog help the hungry children eking out an existence besides the railway lines?

hawk’s shadow
the songbird’s trill
suddenly shortened

Previously published in the Spring /Summer issue of Frogpond, 2009, April 24, 2015

One thought on “In Response To the Question About Invisible Borders

  1. Dear Angelee,

    Your Asian talent shines through your work.. People that lives in challenges know that it is about.

    I hope your poetry opens your heart in new ways my friend. Know that you have helped me in my writing journey in so many ways, Wishing you light and blessings.


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