Response To Miriam Sagan’s “I’m Not Trying To Save The World”by Angelee Deodhar

In today’s world, I screen myself from news that, with its sensationalism, tells me what to worry about, what to fear, what to hate. I don’t want to be directed to outrage at the atrocious or told why I should or should not be upset about something.
I don’t know about other people, but for me compassion is engendered through specifics. And I also refuse to be upset and outraged all the time. There is no particular rationale for this—I’m not trying to save the world, or myself. I’m just maintaining a modicum of freedom.
                                                                                                  –   Miriam Sagan


‘Paris unlocked’ :officials are removing the ‘love locks ‘on the sides of the Pont des Arts bridge.
I wonder what happened to the key we tossed into the Seine ,after locking our love to the iron work, so long ago, five decades was it? I still have the other one…

Sixties music
once again in candlelight
cheek to cheek

And today in Paris,many  lovers’ dreams lie shattered in a senseless attack, unleashing fear, confusion suspicion and sadness in its wake.

pre-dawn lightening
the muezzin’s call softer
this autumn
                                                                   walking meditation
                                                                on the I-pod La Marseillaise
                                                                diminished by birdsong

2 thoughts on “Response To Miriam Sagan’s “I’m Not Trying To Save The World”by Angelee Deodhar

  1. Thanks Jeanne
    Miriam ,dear i am very grateful for this haibun being on your blog…Paris is the city of our dreams and these have been brutalised ,so writing about love locks was my way of sharing hope,joy and peace,love and light,

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