Sunset Photo Without A Camera: Poem by Rod Scott

Seems perfect to celebrate the solstice season too…


Golden cream sleeps
above ivory sand
abreast the darkening
lemon light pervades
the golden boundaries,
Jasmine layers alight
upon lapped lemon
embracing peach,
transmuting to coral
as colors undulate
from the horizon.

Broad strokes of apricot
float on tangerine,
constructing terra cotta
exteriors sweeping
expansively through
russet skies.

Vermillion suffusing maroon
medley diffuses magenta
procuring Venus and
adjacent stars.

Last illumined nimbus,
moist bastion attending twilight,
gold gilded with a graze of pink,
before the expiration
of iridescence.

Birmingham, Alabama – July 1988  —

View of sunset from 13th floor downtown Birmingham.

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