100 Cups of Coffee

I started an enjoyable writing project last month, that I’m calling A HUNDRED CUPS OF COFFEE. It is somewhat inspired by Patti Smith’s M TRAIN–one of the most incredible books on the life of a writer that I’ve ever read. Her book is a window into consciousness. And also has a lot of coffee.

The project is as follows:
1. Go somewhere and
2. Drink a cup of coffee and
3. Write a short piece


No strict timeline for the project–it isn’t daily or once a week, just in a timely fashion.
No set subject–although they are emerging.

It’s a bit scary–observation always is. There are a few worrisome things in my life, and yes, I’m forced to address them. I also wanted the pieces to be varied. The Tune-Up paean below is one section. So are the haiku about my father’s death.

Is anyone doing a similar project? Advice? Requests?


5 thoughts on “100 Cups of Coffee

  1. I love your project Miriam! “No strict timeline/in a timely fashion.” Sounds like my life’s writing practice experience! Thanks for mentioning Patti’s new book. It’s been sitting on my shelf for a month now. You’re the second person in 2 days that’s said it gives great insight into a writer’s life. Time to get reading. And, keep us posted about this project. I’d kind of like to see it become something rather continuous (as I imagine the scene in “Like Water for Chocolate” where Tita is crocheting the same blanket she’s been working on for years and it’s dragging behind the wagon she’s riding in. Not that this project will drag on or pull you back, but that there’s no ending…of a kind…and then some.

  2. Thanks so much for thinking about this. I love anything that marks the passage of time creatively. I’m seeing themes already but don’t want to get caught or limited by narrative. I’m also working on a novel with a complex structure, and this is kind of a complimentary break. Nice to hear from you.

  3. I agree with you about M train. A great insight into Patti Smith’s mind and way of life. Never realised she was such a big fan of British crime programmes!

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