Poetry Workshop in Santa Fe with Miriam Sagan

I look forward to seeing some of you:

The Scribe Circle series continues with its sixth session (only four sessions left after this month’s).  

Miriam Sagan, February 21st, Sunday 2-4 pm
Miriam Sagan is the author of over a dozen books of poetry, including Seven Places In America. She founded and runs the creative writing program at Santa Fe Community College.


In this workshop entitled “Confession & Its Containers: Getting To The Heart of Your Poetic Subject Matter” we’ll work from the “raw to the cooked” in terms of poetic technique. Starting with free loose writing, we’ll break prose lines into poetry, and explore some sophisticated repeating forms such as the pantoum. How do obsession, narrative, tone, sound, and rhythm merge for strong poetry? Come and explore!


The Scribe Circle is a once-a-month intensive, intimate class on a single aspect of craft, limited to ten participants per session. Starting in September 2015 and finishing in July 2016, this series consists of a two hour session taught by a different author each month focusing on a single aspect of their craft. Genres include nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. Classes will be held at 1807 Second Street. Cost is $50 per session (cash or check only). For more detailed information or to register, email nextpageconsultancy@ gmail.com. Feel free to sign up for one session or multiple sessions.

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