My New Book of Prose and Poetry “Geographic: A Memoir of Time and Space” Is Out from Casa De Snapdragon!


You can buy it on Amazon.

Here is a preview:

Fleeing The Nazis at The Riverdale Ice Skating Rink
I spent my childhood being terrified of Nazis. Oh, I was afraid of the Cossacks my grandparents ran from, and from the Russians who had missiles aimed right at my elementary school desk, but really it was my parents’ terror that haunted me the most. So, Nazis.
Being a practical child, I did fantasize solutions. Where would I hide? How would I run? Every Sunday morning, in winter, for many years, my father took us to the ice skating rink in Riverdale. I loved it there–the ice, the music, the hot chocolate, the bells and pompoms on my toes. Thanks to a weekly lesson with a guy named Vinnie, I was a pretty good ice skater.
So what did I think about as I skated round and round? Not a figure skating competition with me in an outfit. Not Holland, where I’d glide with Hans Brinker and his silver skates. No, Nazis. I’d skate to the music, all the while fleeing from storm-troopers. Of course, on an ice skating rink, you can’t really escape. So, mind following feet, I was trapped in a loop.
Once, coming back from the rink when I was nine, we heard the report– Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. There was an ad on the radio–”Who was the first to conquer space? Castro convertible!” Only years later did I realize the joke. We lived in a prim world where beds were beds and couches did not open. But Castro I knew, on an island that had missiles pointing at it or from it…It didn’t surprise me that he was now in the furniture business.

Contact me at if you’d like a review copy.

13 thoughts on “My New Book of Prose and Poetry “Geographic: A Memoir of Time and Space” Is Out from Casa De Snapdragon!

    • I know that you are excited plus no more editors for awhile. In New Orleans I belonged to the smaller of 2 track clubs. The larger, the New Orleans Track Club (2nd largest in US) I called the Not-Cs, like an idiot blindly blitherering to my Jewish friends as well. I look forward to more emotional insights when my copy arrives. Best – R

      • Ha ha!
        This editorial process was focused, but not too scary. My husband Rich (who is at times a professional proof reader for the state of NM) went over it for continuity. We didn’t always agree–I like to jump around in time more than he does. Casa de Snapdragon in Albuquerque was very easy to work with as editor Janet Brennan is an unusually good reader and she knows my work so I think she had the knack of understanding my intentions. They added a few things, like making the quotations more of chapter markers, that really helped. Art, the managing editor there, was very together. The cover concept was mutual, and I think a little bolder and jazzier than I had in my mind’s eye–which of course turned out to be a good thing–it pops! Also, Kate McCahill in our creative writing department at SFCC gave the first real proof–and she liked the mss., which helped me relax.
        Maybe some time I’ll tell you about a less easy process years ago when my poems got edited directly in a nonsensical way, causing me to see red!

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