Poetry Month #2: Sakura by Teo Biele

Sakura; (Cherry Blossoms)

Red winged black birds beating time
Dark eyed girl slips but holds to shadow
Hidden, unspoken truth spoil and sour
Broken window, broken door

Butter made sweet from churning morning sorrows
Dark eyed girl slips, but holds firm
Locking self away in her vault of secrets
Open window, open door

Young woman lifts hands spilling seeds
Red drops fall between fingers held tight
Feeding flutter of wings in her chest
Fingers cut from windows broken glass

Let the flock carry you away with song
Dark eyes stare at cherry blossoms
Beating wings strip soiled night clothes away
Palms push door open, to greet the golden ray

Dark eyed angel weeps petals of pink and white
Red wing blackbirds mocking morning
Fingers drip with fury of freedom
Hidden unspoken truths, sour then sweeten

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