Poetry Month #10: I Hadn’t Written Any Poetry in Six Months by Miriam Sagan

I hadn’t written any poetry in about six months, not since a creative outpouring at Wildacres residency. I didn’t notice at first, because I was so absorbed in juggling three book length projects: Bluebeard’s Castle (memoir, now a complete draft), 100 Cups of Coffee (prose and poetic musing, now about 25% underway), and The Future Tense of River (utopian feminist speculative novel which was inching its way from being a series of flash fictions to a full novel–the first 100 pages is drafted). I was completely absorbed, even a little panic-y. But then all three projects went from formless to partially complete.

Suddenly I noticed I wasn’t writing poetry, apart from haiku. I wondered if I could still do it. I started writing a bunch of short very off the cuff pieces, sometimes in the middle of the night. Five of them are published at https://formerpeople.wordpress.com/2016/04/10/five-poems-7/ and I’m copying a few below. Enjoy!

the house contains an ocean
living room furniture is islands
and even at low tide I have to wade
ankle deep
just to make myself
a cup of coffee

Our Lady of the Star,
small painted church,
names of the dead
hum with the sound of the sea
like a giant shell—
and the gravestones tilted
carved with mossy dates
ring like tossing buoys…

the angel landed
and clapped both hands
in front of my open eyes—
somewhere, deep in my body
the genome
stood up and started walking


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