Poetry Month #29: Taste of Hate by Behzad Dayeny


I tasted hatred once
Placed in my mouth
And I began to chew,
A lot like tough meat
Stringy and chewy
Although, I must admit
It was well seasoned to
A kind of bitter sweet.
As I swallowed it down
Like an energy drink
It got my heart racing
What an invigorating feeling
Felt like I had just received
A big shot of courage
I wallowed in this feeling
Till it worked its way through
Then I began to feel the pain.
Like a bleeding ulcer
It began to cut me to shreds
Making me want to scream.
Since then I’ve been more careful
I have learned to avoid it
I’ve learned to refuse it
Though on countless occasions
It has been offered to me
On a silver platter


This poem is forthcoming in “The Santa Fe Literary Review”–look for it in autumn, 2016

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