Fond Farewell to Poetry Month

April isn’t my cruelest month, because it is my birthday month, Poetry Month, and Santa Fe is full of lilacs and…hail, snow, sleet, and rain. All of which are a treat in the desert.

Poetry Month gives me a chance to review–and re-blog–work on Miriam’s Well and this round I was glad to add some new poets too as well as new work by favorite contributors.

The semester is ending, and I’m humming “school’s out forever” because even though it will start again, summer vacation just feels wonderfully endless at its start.

So–what to blog? Some prose, images, news…and yes, always poetry. Planning a cross country trip full of roadside art, food, and a mini residency. SO I hope to report on between here and there–God willing & the creek don’t rise, as my husband Rich says.

What do you want to read? What do you want to write?

Send me something–I’ve got a particular yen for haibun, flash memoir, and musings on identity.


2 thoughts on “Fond Farewell to Poetry Month

  1. Is Boston your final destination? If so, let’s meet up! We move into our new House-on-Narragansett-Bay on May 26th (official address: 78 Sefton Dr., Cranston, RI). Serious guest quarters (basement apartment) should be ready some time in July, but if you land before we’re unofficially open as our friends’ East-Coast-B-&-B-of-choice, you’re always welcome to the living room couch. 🙂

    I’ve loved your poetry month, by the way! Lots of vicarious pleasures . . .


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