Water Music Haiku

My friend Michael G. Smith and I have been working on collaborative haiku sequences for almost two years. At his suggestion, we used Handel’s “Water Music” as a starting point. We’re also working on a “Day in the Life” sequence–a very different musical inspiration.

The entire sequence is now published at:

Here is the start:

background kettledrums
rolling riverrock
blood in the veins

ordered garden beds
a baroque score
torn in spring wind

tasting the last
of last years’ dried apples
the tree blooms

snowflakes falling
over my lettuce planting hopes
notes pour allegro

a slow moment observed, lilacs opening without a minute hand

edging off the eave, a raindrop takes its chance

The first one is Michael’s, alternating with mine. As a reader, do you like suck links attributed, or not?

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