Two Haibun by Angelee Deodhar

                                      Haibun:  Akshya Tritya
Today it is five years since he left us…meanwhile a grandchild ,now three years old is here to share our lives. He attends kindergarten ,watches Peppa Pig ,while sitting on my lap he rocks back and forth, dances to the beat of any music. We clap and sway together. When it’s cooler he leads me on to the grass as we follow an erratic path between pansies, dianthus ,phlox, portulaca and hibiscus.or chase soap bubbles,or splash like hippos in the tub. When he sleeps, I wait for him to awaken so we can continue our games.
summer moon-
a silver medallion
in our wine glasses
Note :The word “Akshaya” means the never diminishing in Sanskrit and the day is believed to bring good luck and success. It is a holy day for Hindus and Jains.


Visionary Art, Baltimore. Photo Miriam Sagan.

                                              Haibun:                                                   Haibun :The Waltz
Vienna in summer,is a magical place of musical dreams.a day spent in the Schonbrunn palace gardens,taking photographs,sharing my lunch with squirrels,geese and pigeons;admiring the Greek statuary,mingling with tourists from all over the world.
On the second evening we went to the opera  to see a play by Puccini.The grandeur of the opera house,the magnificent paintings,the statues of the Muses ,the grand staircase worn smooth by generations of elegantly dressed people,overwhelmed me.
We left during the interval as my host ,a handsome gentleman in a linen suit and a crimson silk tie and I wanted to get some fresh air and see Vienna in the evening.We made an interesting couple,my European host and I in my Oriental dress, an emerald green silk  saree.
We walked past old buildings and fancy new ones , past cafes ,stopped to listen to street musicians.Suddenly one of my sandals broke,literally came apart at the seams and I sat on a stone bench and told my host we would have to take a taxi home as I could’nt walk in broken sandals.
He said ‘ Why don’t you take them off …you could walk barefoot.’ Seeing my shocked expression,he added,’ I will take off my shoes also and then we can both go barefoot’.

This made me laugh and I quickly took off the other sandal and wrapped them both in my cardigan and explored the city.Nobody seemed to notice my shoeless state, perhaps my silk saree distracted them from my feet.I felt very much at home,and even now when I think of those warm cobblestones against my feet,I smile 
                                                     scent of pine
                                                     in the hazy moon-
                                                     another birthday

Previously published in Haiku Canada Review, 2005


Visionary Art, Baltimore. Photo Miriam Sagan.

5 thoughts on “Two Haibun by Angelee Deodhar

    • Dear Angelee,
      I was touched with your love for your grandchild. What fun you two have together.
      And had to laugh at you in your beautiful green silk saree–barefoot. Thank you for posting. Such a good read.

  1. Mesmerising – both haibun by Dr Angelee! Visual images conjured showcase the power of her writing!
    I can ‘see’ her playing games with her little grandson! 🙂 The image of her walking barefoot in her green silk sari in Vienna with her companion comes alive too!

  2. very interesting. I could visualize everything you spoke of and remembered the afternoon I spent walking through the maze and the games I played at the labyrinth of Schloss Schönbrunn. Magical.

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