Letter To My Younger Self by Pat Crow

Hey Kid.  Get this.

     Forget what you were told by the grownups.  They were misinformed, thus so were you.  You can’t blame them, but you can forgive them.  They believed they were right by teaching you fear and hate.  Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
     It’s crazy, right?  By giving a name to race, ethnicity, creed, sexuality, gender, geography, culture, status; we separated ourselves from each other trying to make us “fit”.
     Pay attention, now.  This is important.  Before there were churches and leaders of countries, sects and political parties, folks were led by their own inner compass.  They didn’t need someone to tell them what to do, when or how.  They already knew by listening to their inner voice.  People’s instincts guided them.
 “Prosperity” can be a euphemism for power over people – code for greed.  Learn to discern this because you could be lulled into a false sense of security.  Trust your gut on this.
     Never mind about keeping up with neighbors and consumer mongers.  You’ll get lost if you try.  Be who you are.  Stand tall in that.  And if you are knocked down by a monger, get back up.  Brush yourself off and move on.  You’ll have chinks in your armor, kid.  Just keep living.  You’ll learn who you are.  Believe in yourself and in your convictions. 
And another thing, kindness is always the best way to navigate through tough times.  Be kind to yourself first of all.  People make mistakes…they do.  Know the difference between a mistake and malice.  It could save you a lot of trouble.
Malice is everywhere, but kindness rules.  Look deeper and broader at someone before you jump to conclusions about them.  Try to understand more about where they got their information because they could have been embedded with the wrong package of software.  It’s true!  Cruelty could have been their teacher.  If that’s the case, you don’t have to return cruelty in kind.  Fear and hate could be what formed them.  It’s not your place to make them see the error of their ways.  It’s your responsibility to understand your expectations, check for your reality and theirs, and then meet them with understanding and compassion.  Disarm them with your open hands and open heart.  They’ll be confused by this.  And then you’ll have an entrée into a space within their protected psyche.  Step lightly and with respect.
      Love is love.  Remember it.  Love doesn’t separate and judge. 
     Finally, know that you are never alone.  Even when you may feel lost, scared, confused or angry; you are watched over by an intangible energy that has your back.  Some things are true whether you believe them or not.  Trust me on this.  And if you can see that even among the craziest of times and situations, there is a way through to something even better.  Hold on to that.  It will help you to your next step.  Sometimes this is all you have – hope for something better.

One thought on “Letter To My Younger Self by Pat Crow

  1. Oh, this was wonderful for me to read this glittering after a rain Montana morning as I prepare to go outside and make friends with a shy horse.
    Thank you for putting down your wisdom in such a way that resonates for me like a sacred bell. This writing has started my day in such a perfect way.

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