Horror Genre and The Craft of Writing

I’m enjoying a new blog by a younger writer I know, Last Lantern.
It covers the Horror genre, and there is some great mythic material on the blog. But I particularly like a section devoted to the author’s outtakes, bits of story that may or may not find a home elsewhere:

Story Bones

This is a page for weird little bits of writing that may never actually find themselves in a story.

“Everyone who has ever seen the end of things always speaks of the Dragon. Some speak of the claws that rend earth to shadow. Others speak of the scales that turn aside the slings and arrows of time itself. While you point to its fangs, he points to its glistening eyes, and she is lost in its voice like earth asunder. I can really tell you nothing about the dragon, save that it is coming and our world will bleach to bone in its wake.”

“It was heavy. Not just to hold, but to look upon. It was a thing whose meaning was unavoidable and whose use was abominable to the consciousness. He couldn’t life it, yet, but he knew the the day would come when his hands would become so caked with blood that the instrument would feel comfortable in his grip.”


I just love the idea, and the writing. Check out the blog!

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