Free Book!

We’re giving away free copies of Spilled Ink, a collaboration between Miriam Sagan and Isabel Winson-Sagan. Just ask! The book was designed purely as a gift–it has no price, no ISBN.
It can’t be bought or sold. But you may have to do something a bit radical to get one: ASK.


Simply send your name & mailing address to me at
A book will be yours, as long as they last. Not sure about international mailing, but we’ll try.



Preview poem:

when you were a baby
a Balanchine dancer
praised your sitting posture

now that you’re grown
I need to question you to understand—
a woman of another generation

I walk in the autumn hardwood forest
with my cane—elegant fungus
grows along a tree trunk

palmate leaves
bigger than any gloves I’ve ever worn
turn green, yellow, brown, red

you say the paper sculpture
should be just about
as tall as you are

an enormous spider web
seems dropped into these woods
by Chihuly

you blow the line
of ink
across the standing water

if autumn were a woman
she’d be undressing now
for her date with solstice

the koan asks: for whom
do you adorn yourself
and make yourself beautiful?

7 thoughts on “Free Book!

  1. I’m asking! Would love to touch base before you leave. I have class Monday and Wednesday 2:30-3:45 with Bethany. Awesome instructor! Thinking of you every day as you walk this path to retirement.

    Cheryl Marita Sent from my iPad


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