Maternal Mitochondria: The Ghost Print

Isabel and I started off our collaboration in the new year by warming up–timed writing, suminagashi, and project overview. We’ve been using Korean acrylic marbling ink plus traditional sumi ink and turpentine. The effect is really changing and it is quite exciting. Essentially these look like modern monoprints, but they are pulled off of water.




You can keep printing after the first–the effect is paler in all monoprints but with the suminagashi it tends to create the more usual ripple effect, which can be quite lovely.

Does writing have a ghost print? We figured not. Our timed writing a la Natalie Goldberg method is less organized than the finished product. In contrast, the sumi gets less organized, more chaotic, as it goes.

Think about this. In whatever art or craft you practice, is there a ghost print created by a second try?

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