Haiku by Alvaro Cardona-Hine & Barbara McCauley Cardona

Haiku by Alvaro Cardona-Hine:

looking at the moon
suddenly remembering
to look at the moon

you hear frogs like that
in bucket after bucket
of utter darkness

her golden urine
all over the squash blossoms
the runaway goat

I hug the children
and one in the bunch laughs out
hearing my heart beat

the way you smiled
told me you had been eating
my sunflower seeds

on the shore a man
on the lake an animal
this happens to us

the ground has frozen
that impossible embrace
under the gravestones

shoes so dear to me
they all but take a few steps
in my direction


I own three exquisite paintings by Alvaro–my favorite was a gift on the birth of my daughter.




Haiku by Barbara McCauley Cardona:

the cat   the two dogs
and me   sitting in this room
I wait/ they don’t

after the party
shaking out the tablecloth
rice against the snow

apples and moonlight
oh what I wouldn’t give you
if you’d only ask

its feathers gusting
a raven on the fence post
sits out the high winds

under a full moon
the tin roofs of the village
dissolve into sky

bottom shelf    way back
making a life of their own
some old potatoes

Art by Barbara–




Find more of Barbara’s–and Alvaro’s–visual art–at http://www.cardonahinegallery.com/

In memory–Alvaro Cardoa-Hine

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