Is There More Enterprise in Going Naked? Some Musings On Clothing

Is clothing superficial? Does it matter what we wear? I love clothes, and was raised in the garment business. What I don’t care about much is fashion.
Which is probably for the best. I’m old, zaftig, and on a budget. High fashion is not for me. Cute separates are. And I do understand fabric and design. I know the history of paisley, and of menswear.
But what about how these clothes are made? My grandmother was a union organizing seamstress. I’m wearing throw away style made in China. What to do?
I’ve tried different approaches, clothing diets, so to speak. At one point, I bought nothing new for almost a year. Just second hand and hand me down. Then I bought only clothes from the source—hence my 11 pairs of tie-dyed leggings purchased at numerous farmer’s and craft markets—and from collectives, including many embroidered items from Marketplace of India.
Basically I cycle through my binge and purge of acquiring clothes without much real resolution.
Then Nordstrom caught my attention, and you know why—they dumped Ivanka. I know this is petty, but then again, I was raised in a household where if the public did not purchase my father’s coats, we did not prosper. A secondary—consumer—boycott—is a powerful thing.
A problem, though—Nordstrom is too fancy for me. My chicer than I am sisters like it. But my look is decidedly Santa Fe hippie cum classroom teacher. I did find a pair of loose pink pants that might possibly work. But it might be back to Target (with their good employee policies) for me.
If I am truly honest, the only place I boycott with verve is Hobby Lobby. And that’s sad, as I love their aisles. But I just can’t support them.
However, I’m never going to be a real purist. I wish I was better…I try to be better…and then find myself with something…cute, of unknown origin.

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One thought on “Is There More Enterprise in Going Naked? Some Musings On Clothing

  1. From reader Michael G. Smith–
    Certainly at times it matters what we wear – on the ski slope or scuba diving, for example. And certainly an astronaut on a space walk outside the Space Station better be wearing the correct wardrobe. And a park ranger at the Grand Canyon told me the story of the naked backpacker fried to a crisp they had to carry out….

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