Poetry Month Is Fast Approaching–Send Miriam’s Well A Poem!

Happy spring equinox! Hot Springs is in my rear view mirror-sad to leave, happy to be home! Or actually, headed out on some more travels, and then home! It’s a restless time of year–spring fever!

Looking ahead–April is poetry month. I’ll be blogging a poem a day, often using work from the last year of the blog. But mostly YOUR work!

Miriam’s Well is glad to blog previously published work–just send the credit. Please send the poem in the body of the email as well as by attachment or pdf. Fancy indentations and italics don’t work too well in wordpress, so these may get lost. Also–looking for concrete poems, 1 word poems, tiny poems, images that might “count” as poems, haiga, translations, and more. Email for blog is msagan10#5@aol.com


Weathergrams done with kids–and some adults–at Ozark cultural center, Hot Springs National Park

7 thoughts on “Poetry Month Is Fast Approaching–Send Miriam’s Well A Poem!

    • They are usually done on brown paper, calligraphically. I added the suminagashi. I’d love someday to do a full workshop of working in a watershed to use local water to marble paper, then compose poems, then hang outdoors in the same site!

  1. Hello Ms Sagan, I tried to send a poem to msagan10#5@aol.com and it came back undeliverable. Thought you should know that it might not be working. Mary Laraia


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