Poetry Month #5: Cherita by Bill Waters

don’t be mad!
a tentative smile
a shy glance
a tiny golden weed-flower
you offer
between finger and thumb

[Atlas Poetica 27, March 2017]


I was just a kid
I knew a lot less
than I thought I did
about life, and I spurned
love that did not suit me
to my later regret

[Atlas Poetica 27, March 2017]


in the deep of the night
I hear a cat
playing in the hall —
pouncing, pouncing,
and then bouncing down the stairs
a plastic ball

[Atlas Poetica 27, March 2017]


Bill Waters adds–I thought your readers might be interested in the form, which has just gotten a big boost from Atlas Poetica. ai li, the creator of the cherita form, teamed up with editor M. Kei to pull together a large compilation of them.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Month #5: Cherita by Bill Waters

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