Your Twenties: The Selfish Years

My nephew Ezra Katz–a window into his insightful millennial mind! I always enjoy reading his blog–this was particularly striking.

Opening Pandora's Box

What people don’t tell you about your early twenties is that they are years of selfish exploration. What I mean here is that if things go according to plan, your early twenties should be a time where the only thing that matters is you and your happiness. If life progresses as it should, you shouldn’t have any dependents at this time in your life. Kids should be a few years away, your parents should be healthy, and even your significant other shouldn’t be very dependent on you yet. Most people don’t talk about it this way, they say things like “Your twenties are a time of self-exploration” or “In your twenties you can just do whatever you want.” These are still just saying the same thing, that your twenties are a time where you and only you come first.

Here is where I come in. It turns out that I…

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