What I Was Grateful For Today

It was an uneventful day, and I didn’t do anything major, or even write anything. Still…I’m grateful for

1. The blooming lilac, yellow desert broom, and pink roses have bounced back from the weekend’s late spring snow
2. I accomplished a minor but necessary safety repair on the very old Toyota
3. A student solved a creative problem in a useful way
4. I managed to get on with everyone in my immediate sphere–despite some disturbances in the field
5. My pain level was under control
6. I fell back in love with rock and roll
7. I danced, I walked, I swept
8. I had time to waste
9. It turns out the insurance customer service guy was wrong–I am getting a reimbursement
10. My closet has nice spring and summer clothes and I sorted them
11. I had dinner with two very dear friends
12. I got to talk about death and other serious matters–in three separate conversations
13. My husband made me laugh so hard I spit out my coffee
14. I did not feel overly perplexed by human life

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