Today’s Momentary Self Improvement

I decided to stop looking for a masterpiece to read or the perfectly structured bit of light genre…and instead read something on the “to be read” shelf, where presumably volumes have already passed some kind of test. I’m reading Red Pine on Chinese poets, but ignoring the book on MOSS. I like moss (guess that’s why I bought the book) but still…
I also thought about why I always eat the same dish at my favorite restaurants…a sign of age? At Maria’s it is always fajitas, at Saigon egg noodles…should I branch out? It’s gotten so bad that if anyone takes me to Santa Cafe for a festive occasion I always get lobster salad. I’ve had asparagus soup the last three times I’ve eaten at Paper Dosa.
And why do I eat out so much–shouldn’t I cook–why must I spend money better sent to the ACLU than on lunch all by myself…constantly. Well, probably because I like eating lunch out by myself as much as I like life itself.
And shouldn’t I…I was at Marisco’s La Playa, eating the shrimp kebab I always order, and have for twenty years, having left Red Pine at home, reading a very tasty bit of true trash (not genre, lives of the rich and idle type trash). At least I did NOT open the little packet of saltines to spread with salsa, but ate the more sustainable–and yes, more grown-up, chips.
Well, I enjoyed myself.

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