Fish With Hats

These appeared a few weeks ago, in conjunction with a fiber arts festival. Looks like the fish outside the Santa Fe convention center are going to a women’s march! I gather the yarn bombing was taken down pretty quickly by the city–probably because it was on high visibility sculpture instead of hidden away. So glad I saw it.

2 thoughts on “Fish With Hats

  1. For the women’s march on Washington DC the day after Trump’s inaugeration many folks wore handmade knitted “pussy hats” which are pink with cat ears…because of Trump’s vulgar remark about grabbing “pussy” on women as a kind of sexual assault. I think it was a way to protest it and reclaim the meaning of the word for cats, not women. So knitted pink hats are now a feminist statement. I’m not totally sure this was what was meant for the fish! But I’m guessing, as I know some of the knitters. Hope this explains cross culturally!

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