Secret Art & Poetry Trail

Maternal Mitochondria, collaborative duo of me and Isabel Winson-Sagan, is excited to share the news that our geochache trail is up!

Walk the path to find them all! 6 tiny sculptures with marbled messages. And a 7th, at the end, where you can sign the log.

Here is a bit of the hidden poem:

it’s dangerous
to hide all of your spirit
outside of yourself

and yet this land
compels all of those
who walk it.

Instructions are up at

For those of you who don’t geocache–just find your way to Santa Fe Skies RV Park at the start of Route 14, exiting from I-25.
Park near the office. A very short walk into the park leads you to the dog walking path on your right. Start there! It is less than a half hour easy walk round trip.

Geocaches never involve digging–each container is hung, but hidden.

And you don’t have to dress up, although I did:

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