Conversations About Faith Part Three: Shabbat Shalom

Ezra answered the Miriam’s Well question about how he wants people to ideally read his writing with this response: “I assume that everyone puts on their glasses (even if they don’t have them) and then they sit down to read my blog with astute thought. I’ve always wanted my blog to be interactive, so I always consider the thoughts that people will have after reading.”
Enjoy more thoughts on religion…

Opening Pandora's Box

Welcome back everyone, sorry for the delay on this post, but here it is, the next iteration in our ongoing conversation about faith. This week I was able to sit down with Ilan Schwartz who is a rabbi at OSU Hillel. We have known each other for a few years and he is a great guy and one who is always excited to discuss Judaism.


Ezra- To start us off today, what do you believe as a Jew? Or what makes you Jewish?

Ilan- I believe that there is one god. Although I don’t believe that god is a single entity, or an old man with a beard. It’s more akin to the Force in Star Wars, it’s always around and it leads us, but it isn’t something that you can understand. I also believe that there are certain obligations for this life that help to make someone a…

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