They Paved Paradise

For a different way of perceiving on an audio level–I always go to Steve Peters. He reminded me of this project, still current today!


Santa Fe Parking Lot (1991)
from Sight Specifics by Steve Peters

Recorded July 25, 1991 while wandering around in the parking lot at Wal-Mart on Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico. No other sounds were added, no electronic processing.

What I find particularly interesting about this version of the piece is how Ann’s perception of the place changes over the course of the performance. She clearly chose this site as an example of a place she found problematic, and starts off expecting to find it ugly and objectionable. But through the process of really paying attention to it, she comes to see it differently. By the end she is nearly rhapsodic about this simple, unassuming locale.

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