From Kura Studio House 3

Wherever Maternal Mitochondria lands–that’s me and Isabel–pretty soon the floor is covered in suminagashi. These are Isabel’s trial pieces–just getting used to Japanese paper. And of course our installation piece will be based on sumi.

We also translated an appropriate haiku from Shiki, 19th century:

passing through
winter’s small village–
a dog howls

Last night we watched “My Neighbor Totoro”–the all time favorite–and indeed it looks just like here! Although unfortunately we don’t have a giant furry spirit living in a camphor tree.

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I'm blogging about poetry, land art, haiku, women artists, road trips, and Baba Yaga at Miriam's Well ( The well is ALWAYS looking to publish poetry on our themes, sudden fiction, and guest bloggers and musers.

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