What’s New With Maternal Mitochondria

I think it has taken me longer than I’d expected to adjust to being back from Japan. Sort of culture shock the other way. It was hard to let go of the combo of focus and stimulation that made each tiny bit of life fresh and exciting.
But life goes on! Isabel and I were so happy to get back to our home studio practice. We even cleaned the studio! We’ve been working on collage as a meditative technique, and on writing more renga. We also have some BIG suminagashi trays to try out.
And we now have a website. Check us out at https://maternalmitochondria.wordpress.com/
And we ordered business cards (after perhaps a bit more discussion than needed about if we are a “collective,” or “collaborating” or whatever.)
We have a lot of work lined up. Keep a look out for a suminagashi workshop happening in May at the Japan festival, a poetry/suminagashi community installation piece coming to the Railyard Park this summer, and a permanent interactive sculpture at a local business. We’re going to be busy!
“You’re anxious about all this,” Iz said. And I am. I was anxious in Japan, too. Could we get our installation to work, and on time? How can I put up 2-3 pieces in the fall AND go to be in residence at Agate National Monument in Nebraska? But I realized–my fear tells me I care. It tells me I’m on unknown turf and am going to make mistakes. And something beautiful.

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