Moment of Poetry: call for Poets

Moment of Poetry: call for Poets

A message from SF County Commissioner Anna Hansen:

Moment of Poetry
This year as Chair, I added a moment of poetry to the beginning of the first BCC meeting each month. It’s a way to honor our Santa Fe creative spirit by asking artists to bring their work into our public meetings. Since that time, we’ve had inspirational readings by Victor Di Suvero, Anne Valley-Fox, and Joan Logghe, just to name a few.

Last month, a liaison from NACo was in Santa Fe and came to our BCC meeting. She was so inspired by our poetry reading, she shared it with the liaison from the Art and Cultural Commission at NACo; and they had a local poet from Nashville attend and perform her poem at the annual Arts and Cultural Commission meeting. I am honored to be a member of the Arts and Cultural Commissions for NACo.
Poet Call
We still have a few slots available for poets September- January. If you are a poet, please email me a submission

Marietta Patricia Leis

A beautiful show of her work at the Harwood in Taos. I feel particularly close to this art as it was done in Iceland, at Gulkistan Residency.

Here is my poem for the artist:

Light is no rorschach
rather, a palindrome

can be read equally
forward and backward

always resolving, devolving into

If I were a child at the edge of a glacier
I might, crepuscular,

appear as an old woman
yet still

retain the bones of a girl
who can leap, or roll

from dawn to dusk
or dusk to dawn.

Lava cools from fire
to the darkest earth

slow moving, it might just
be a necklace of fireflies.

On the island’s tectonic plate
if you squeeze the volcano

it becomes a handful of dirt
and in this way

time is distance…

Goals of the Season

My favorite small private class is back in session. I’ll ask you what I asked them:

1. What did you accomplish creatively over the summer? Writing, inspiration, special reading, habits, or? Publication, readings, outreach, and professional life?

2. And, what are your creative goals for autumn?
What aides you in accomplishing these goals?
What stands in your way?

Some Moments of Joy

The moment just before the bowl of noodles arrives.

Unfolding a map to plan a journey.

Reading what the children wrote about water falls.

An orange cat that isn’t mine in the shade of my car.

Happy I’m not single.

The tenor’s voice swells and peaks singing about love.

I can afford the necessary medication.

That is a very large squash in the garden.

I do not have to eat dinner with the president of the United States.

I now have A LOT of pens.