Which Image Do You Prefer

For a book cover? There will be more options, but I like one of these for my A Hundred Cups of Coffee, forthcoming from Tres Chicas. It is a subtle difference, but help me out here!



14 thoughts on “Which Image Do You Prefer

  1. No. 1, Miriam — mainly because of the color of the stove vent. In no. 2, the lower image doesn’t quite cover it, so that bar of salmon-y color keeps catching my eye. (Do you see what I mean, or is it just me?) If the top image were moved a bit lower so the bottom image completely blocked the space I’m talking about, it might work better (at least for me). This is just my perspective on it, for whatever it may be worth. LOL! But most important of all, congratulations on your forthcoming book, whichever the cover! 😀

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