Everything Is Everywhere by Miriam Sagan

That is what the professor said in the Water and Ice lab today, at Carleton University in Ottawa. We looked at beautiful diatoms. I kept thinking: micro organisms that live in glass houses shouldn’t…But what?

And diatoms are everywhere. All kinds are in most places.

So–True or False–Everything Is Everywhere?

I’ll write the poem later.

(From Ayatana program this week. Art Loves Science. The microscopic).

I’m Heading Out Again

into an unknown adventure. These last few weeks have truly been my autumn walkabout. I’m off to an Art Loves Science program in Ottawa, studying the microscopic.
My heavy suitcase contains some actual necessities–power bars, toiletries–and my own true essentials–a lot of my favorite cute funky clothes. I can’t concentrate if I don’t feel comfortable in my clothes. I could probably get by on jeans and sweaters but I don’t wear jeans. Even if I’m totally alone I need to dress a certain way. Even if I’m looking into a microscope.
Last winter in Japan and last week in Nebraska I feel I perfected my look–little skirt, bright tights, clashing socks, gold sneakers, big earrings, square hat, purple coat. I project amusing old lady, I hope.
At Agate National Monument in Nebraska I was teaching 70 school kids poetry and suminagashi. “Are you the artist?” some teachers asked. How did they know? Maybe my bright red plastic sunglasses with rhinestones?
I’m out and about. I’m in the world. I’m headed for Medicare (yay!) and for grandmotherhood (double yay!). I’m not invisible, yet I am not wholly seen.
But I know I’m here.